Project VITKOVIA RESIDENCE is designed in high material standards. Wooden flooring and doors, modern tiles, design bathroom ware, wooden-aluminium windows and glass-walls, terraces with wooden boards.





■  BASEMENT – waterproof reinforced concrete constrution founded on piles;

■  UPPER FLOOR – reinforced concrete, concrete walls between apartments;

■  CEILINGS – reinforced concrete ceilings;

■  BALCONIES – reinforced concrete plates with interupted heat bridge – isocorbs;



■  STREET FACADE – ventilated insulated facade, cladding – Fibre C;

■  INNER FACADE – contact isulation system, silicate fasada – white and light grey;

■  MAIN OBJECT ROOF – flat roof, foil insultant, gravel layer, hidden drainpipes, frostproof;

■  YARD OBJECT ROOF – metal sheet covering – titanzinc grey, hidden attic channel;

■  PARTERRE – glass walls, aluminium frames, entranceglass doors, stainless steel details;

■  WINDOWS – aluminium and/or wooden-aluminium windows, heat-absorbing glass, glass barrier, exterior shading;

■  BALCONIES – iron rail; terrace boards, raw concrete plate;

■  TERACES – glass barrier; terace boards, system grid;

■  ATRIUM / YARD –concrete tiles, greenery in flower pots, eavy on concrete walls;



■  ENTRANCE – glass aluminium doors with interupted heat bridge, heat-absorbing glass; safety doors, automatic lock; entrance hall with post-boxes; ceramic tiles; glass walls;

■  STAIRCASE – ceramic tiles; iron rail, daylight through roof skylight and windows in groungfloor;

■  ELEVATOR – personal elevator SCHINDLER, 11 stations;

■  PARKING – underground garage; car elevator; 29 parking places on three levels;

■  STORAGE – store-room for every apartment, metal devision walls and doors, ventilated;




■  SURFACES – plaster, abrasion-resistant paint, concealed molding; bathroom and toilet – ceramic tiles up to door height, built-in mirror;

■  ENTRANCE DOOR – safety door and casing, safety lock; panoramic eyelet;

■  INTERIOR DOOR – full or half glass, door frame, non-rebated door, veneer coated;

■  FLOORING – residental area – wooden flooring, 14mm, UV varnished;

– bathroom and toilet – ceramic antislip tiles, grey, 60x60cm;


bathroom – white design ceramic wash-basin Laufen Pro A with chrome water seal, bathroom mixer Hansgrohe; akrylic bathtube 170x75cm, massage showerhead; mounted toilet; acrylic shower tray, glass wall;

connection for washing machine

kitchen – water and waste pipes;

connection for cooking hob 400V, connection for fume hoodř 240V, electric wiring;



■  shared utility room with gas central heating boilers for heating and hot water; vertical pipes in shafts, horizontal pipeline in dwellings in the floor; Switchgear and measured separately for each apartment, remote reading;

■  panel radiators with thermostats, floor convectors, combined bathroom heaters with an electric charge for summer sevice;

■  cooling – preparation for air conditioning installation in flats in the 7th and 8th floor, heat exchange units on the roof;



■  switchboards and data switchboards in the hall;

■  sockets, data sockets and switches; preparations for lamps;

■  common TV antenna on the roof, outlets in living rooms and bedrooms;

■  telephone and data wiring in living rooms and bedrooms;

■  door communicator housing with electronic control of entry door; optional video


the developer reserves the rights to change individual items