With regard to your comfort we secured all requirements related to financing of your new residence and prepared

mortgage offers and legal services with traditional Czech banks cooperation.


Actual information:


■ Valid building permit (07/2014)

■ New company founded: VITKOVIA RESIDENCE s.r.o., subsidiary company of ARCHIKÓD a.s. (12/2014)

■ General contractor for construction is STRABAG a.s., prominent construction company in Czech Republic (03/2015)

■ Construction started in spring 2015 (04/2015) and completion is planned in autumn 2016




Advantageous conditions for purchasing of new residence


Žižkov area, which is located in wider Prague centre, is dynamically developing  with charm of old buildings full of greenery and with good traffic conections. These atributes are guaranties, that Your investment will grow in the future. Currently we have prepared special starting prices for flats and comercial spaces.


Don´t pay unnecessary high deposit and reserve Your new residence for fragment of its price:

■ Reservation fee  – 50.000 Kč (1 bedroom flat), 100.000 Kč (2 bedroom flat)

■ Deposit after future contract signature  – 15% (Reservation fee incl.)

■ Rest (85% cost of acquisition) after house inspection and contract signature

■ Listed purchasing conditions are guarantee of seriousness of developer


The project will be funded by a Czech bank thus you are carrying no risk with regard to loss of your investment. Other guarantees are our projects either completed, in progress or prepared.